Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Add Leverage Browser Cache to Decrease Page Load Time

Leverage Browser Caching helps you to decrease blog page load time. When you open or load any blog or web page from your local computer on any browser then that blog or website automatically sends a request to the server, and it takes some time. And when you add Expires Browser Cache Code in your Blogger template code then anybody open or load your blog, Expires Browser Cache code save the server response file in user browser cache. I mean no more request to your server and no more extra time to load your blog page. You can watch the below Video Tutorial.

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How to add Expires Browser Cache code in Blogger?

1. Go to Blogger Blog.

2. Hit on the > "Template" and then > "Edit HTML".

3. Click anywhere in the code and press CTRL + F to open the search box.

4. Find "<head>" tag.

5. Just after <head>  paste the code shown below.

<include path="/assets/**.css" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/assets/**.js" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/assets/**.gif" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.jpeg" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.jpg" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.png" expiration="3d" />

Video: Add Leverage Browser Cache to Decrease Blogger Page Load Time

Leverage Browser Cache has an extra visible feature in page load time.

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Note: Don't set long expires date for the blog in leverage browser caching file. If you set a long expiry date it will take some extra time to load your blog and make some changes.

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