Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Change YouTube Channel URL and Add Extra Features

Now the topic is about YouTube Channel, As everybody knows YouTube is the largest Video Site owner by Google. Most of the people who work on the Internet want to Make Money through YouTube. YouTube provides a large platform to upload videos and Make Money through it.
YouTube Page Rank is 1 and it Earns Money higher than the other. And it also gives the opportunity to make money to us. If we upload Videos on YouTube and get Visitors then we can make extra money.

Now today in this post I will teach you how to make extra and extra money by doing some setting that is Annotations. Annotation is the best feature of YouTube Because with this tool we can make video extra smart and get huge traffic. And also I will tell you How to change YouTube Channel URL/Username.

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Steps to Change YouTube URL:

1- Login your YouTube Account

2- Click on Right side circle Picture

3- Click on Gear Icon Pic nearby Creator Studio

4- Hit on 'Advanced' link

5- Now Click on 'Create Custom URL' and write your desired URL.

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How to Use Extra Advances YouTube Features:

 1- Login your YouTube Account

2- Go to Video Manager

3- Select single Video and click drop down arrow

4- Now Hit on 'Annotations'

5- Here give any Video URL or Callouts on Video.

Once you apply these trick on your Video, definitely you will be able to get huge traffic on YouTube Videos. If you have any question and query feel free and leave your thought in comment section. Also don't forget to Share this post with your Friends on Social Media Sites.

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