Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Surprising Tool To Help You Free Download CustomizeMe Blogger SEO friendly Template

This the theme where you can do easily each and every thing without having any trouble. CustomizeMe is highly customizable template and SEO friendly to index your blog faster. It has been designed in a way that can be easily customized according to your needs and requirement without having change in code of this template. All you need to do is press the button of "Customize" and now you are ready to customize your theme according to your own will. Just try this template for the better ranking and get result in positive way.

Powerful Features Of This Template:

 1. Movable/Fixed Left Navigation Menu Bar
 2. Customized Popular Post
 3. Flat and Grid Design
 4. Recent Comments
 5. Recent Posts
 6. Expandable Search Bar
 7. Page Numbering
 8. Author Bio Box With Image
 9. Floating Social Bar Widget
10. Related Posts with Thumbnail
11. SEO Friendly
12. 404 Error Page

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Install Customize Me Template:

Installation of CustomizeMe template is very easy even installation of any theme is very easy, you just follow given below steps.

>> Go to Blogger Dashboard and open the targeted blog

>> Click on "Template" button and hit "Backup/Restore" button on top right side and "Download full template"

>> Open the CustomizedMe downloaded theme from this blog and open in Notepad/WordPad

>> Select all the code by pressing Ctrl + A and copy

>> Now again Go to "Template" and >  "Edit HTML"

>> Select all the code of your current template and delete it and paste the code that you just copied from Notepad

>> After that Preview your blog, if every thing is right then "Save" template.

Note: This method might delete some of your widget, and if you want to keep this widget then simply > Go to "Template" > Hit on "Backup/Restore" button and upload/Browse CustomizeMe template. (Ignore above method)

Recent Posts and Comments Widget:

GO to "Template" > "Edit HTML" and click anywhere inside the code and press Ctrl + F to open the search box and replace the given below address with your blog address. ( You will find it twice and must change it with your link )

Enable "About Author Profile":

Go to "Layout" then "Edit" link of the "Blog Posts" element. From the popup window check on the "Show Author Profile Below Post" option and hit save.

Customize Colors and Fonts in "customize" Template:

You can customize and change fonts and font colors. For this purpose Go to "Template" > "Customize". Here you can customize lots of cool stuff, even you can do each and everything like change all the default fonts, text and background colors etc. 

I hope you will enjoy this Template. Please don't forget to share this post with your friends on social media sites, also share your thoughts and queries in a comment section.

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