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How to Create A Blog | Set-Up Free Blogger Blog Complete Guidance With Video Tutorial

Create a Blogger Blog. It is very Easy, you just know basic things about Blogger. Blogger is Google Product, and give you a huge Platform to make unlimited Blog. Once you create a Blog on Blogger it gives you Hosting from Picasa which is again Google Product. When we think about Create a Blog, two ideas come in our mind. First is Blogger and 2nd thing is WordPress. Because these two Platform gives the option to create a free Blog and both of these are equal in competition.

If you are a newbie then my recommendation is to make a Blog in Blogger which is totally free. Start your Online work with Blogger and when you reach your second success step and Make some Money then convert your Blogger Blog into WordPress. Sometimes Blogger Disable/Delete your Blogger Blog without any Warning or Message. And If your Blogger Blog is Deleted then you do nothing except Disappointment, because you worked hard with your Blog. You should convert your Blog from Blogger to WordPress which is very simple. WordPress is a Self-Hosted Service. When converting Blog from Blogger to WordPress, you must purchase web-Hosting from any Company ( Host-Gator, Blue Host, Go Daddy etc) and Install WordPress Script Into Purchased Hosting.
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Steps How To Create Blogger Blog:

Go to Sign-in with your Google G-Mail Account. You can sign-in into all Google Accounts through only one Google G-mail ID. 
Hit on create a New Blog Button.
After this you will be redirected Select Domain Name Page, Here chose a Domain Name and select any one Template Theme Below. 
Your Domain Name appear like this ....

First Step:

Second Step:
Third Step:
Fourth Step:

I hope you understand this Topic. Also, watch Watch Video for Complete & Practical Training. In Below Video I explain Blogger Blog in Detail. You can also Make Money through Blog by participating in different Advertisement Companies like Google AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika, Qadabra, etc. 

Blogger Blog Video Training:

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